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Our chest organ is for hire! (A chest organ is also called a continuo organ, positive or box organ.) The organ has three stops and was built in 1985 by Nijsse. It is moved easily because of its rubber wheels and can be plugged in to the 230 Volt mains directly. Its sound is rather prominent and the Octave 2' gives it a large presence and clearance. The sound can be regulated by setting the lid ajar, fully open or by keeping it closed.

Composition Data
Gedekt 8'
Roerfluit 4'
Octaaf 2'
Temperament: equal
Pitch: 440 Hz at 18°
Compass: C–f3
Weight: 205 kg

We get the organ to you and place it and after use we collect it again with our own trailer.

To a distance of 30 kilometer around Dongen we do this for € 250 including VAT. That is for one day. Extra days at extra cost.

(30 kilometer is including, for example, Breda, Etten-Leur, Oudenbosch, Zundert, Hoogstraten, Alphen, Tilburg, Oisterwijk, Vught, 's-Hertogenbosch oftewel Den Bosch, Gorinchem, Werkendam, Waalwijk.)

Ons kistorgel wordt zonder meerkosten bezorgd in een straal van 30 km rond Dongen.

December 2016

Ons kistorgel in het koor van de Laurentiuskerk in Dongen, het kistorgel is te huur!

The chest organ, built by Nijsse, that we have for hire, in the choir of Saint-Lawrence Church in Dongen, with the gothic revival high altar of the demolished Saint Joseph church in the background. The chest organ has three stops.

Kistorgel te huur

The chest organ during the revision. The pushrod action is clearly visible. At the bottom a little ventilator is built in.

Kistorgel te huur

The metal pipes are repaired. The wooden pipework of the Gedekt 8' (and the four largest pipes of the Roerfluit 4') are still to be placed.

Kind regards,
Rens Swart